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Iris just woke up from a dream, but after going outside of her house, she finds herself in another world.

You are Iris, a 17 year old girl who, after a harsh sensation of falling in her dreams, wakes up in her room.

Yet, something feels out of place, and she feels the need to get out of home. By doing so, Iris discovers that she has woken in a strange place, isolated, with only one tree, her house and a house very similar to hers. Inside she finds a being like her, but like a shadow. It tells her to find the "effects" hidden in the world.

On her way out, Iris sees strange portals hanging from the tree. After touching one, she is transported to a new world, radically different from the one she was in.

Iris realizes that to know more of this world, she'll have to find the "effects" the shadow was talking about.

 Watch REalM on PS Vita

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REalM is a 2D side scroller where exploring and gaining new powers is key to returning home.

  • An open world: Explore the world in any order you like, in the end all that matters is getting back home.
  • Gain special powers (Effects): Get new abbilities from the inhabitants of this world to aid you in exploring and solving new puzzles.
  • Key focus on exploration: REalM is about exploring and solving puzzles. Iris can't fight, so you must rely on other means to stay alive and make it back home.
  • The devil is in the details: You'll find throughout REalM that everything has its meaning and that all is connected. The detail put in the art of the game is of uttermost importance.
  • A unique world: this bizarre world is unlike any other

This game is powered by:


Iris is a 17 year old girl. She's shy, timid, quiet, introvert and not very social. She escapes reality often mainly by dreaming. For this very reason, she sleeps a lot, leaving aside important activities such as doing her homework... or eating.

Despite the fact that she doesn't pay much attention to classes in school, she loves to read and seeks interesting subjects for she has learned that by having something in her mind before sleeping, her dreams are about that. She likes what she has read about the world, but she doesn't dare to face the world around her.


The shadow

The Shadow is a mysterious entity that looks interested in helping Iris, or at least is the only one that has told her something about this place.

She sends Iris to look for the "effects."

What are her true intentions? Iris will have to find out.





The power to return to the nexus, no matter how long you are or if you are stuck in trap room.





It can hide Iris from enemies but it won't let you move nor jump.




Automaton Blade

If you are in danger or an obstacle, Iris can unleash the power of the blade to destroy it. But your movement will be slow like an old machine



Water Strider

Iris can walk over the water and swim under it.





Increases movement when you run and how high Iris can jump. But if Iris is hit by something, you will regret about it.








The Nexus

The main area of this strange world. It looks a lot like your home, but a lot creepier.

Dolls Island

By going through the doll on the Portal Tree, Iris can get to this place. The isle is a creepy, dark and humid place. The place is full of trees with dolls of all kinds tied to them. The inhabitants of this place are, as to be expected, worn out, living dolls. Some are hostile, but most of them are harmless.

Other inhabitants include the floraspine people, a group of plant beings that like to hang out and are generally happy.

Lucum Library

By using the book on the Portal Tree, Iris can find the Lucum Library. Here, all the elements are made of cut out photos, book pages and more. The elements and inhabitants of this place look very different from Iris, they move like a stop motion animation. Everything here looks as if one were on the pages of a book.

The inhabitants of Lucum Library are the harpies, which are very dangerous and hostile, as well as cut-out people, who are quite calm.

Flesh Cubes

A deserted wasteland where huge flesh cubes exist. A visceral and not very nice place to live or be.


Want to take a closer look, or rather hear some of the music from REalM? Visit:

Arbor Sheep and Authentic Illusions are small studios that want to share their ideas with the whole world, and this is the best choice we could possibly take. Although the collective won't give us money itself, being able to reach you, a passionate fan is the most important thing it can do.

Remember that we listen, so sound off your comments below or directly to our pages: facebook/twitter.



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Our twitter: @REalMWalkofSoul

Comments (15)

  • dirksfineplushrump
    dirksfineplushrump / over 2 years ago

    Looks Heavily inspired by Yume Nikki. However I'm still interested in seeing the game if and when it comes out.

  • zoelied
    zoelied / over 2 years ago

    Gostei muito da arte, trilha sonora e o estilo de jogo, sobretudo a personalidade da protagonista, me identifiquei com ela. Eu gostaria de ver o jogo na steam, certamente compraria.

  • Frankyle09
    Frankyle09 / over 2 years ago

    Seeing it'll be ported to ps vita, am I right in thinking it will appear on our ps4 too? ...if so, I definitely wanna be part of this!! Looks awesome, and thats an understatement! Cant believe I'm so excited about this already! lol

  • gamerKris
    gamerKris / over 2 years ago

    I like what I see. I'd support it if you release it on Vita.

    • QuantumLex
      Developer QuantumLex / over 2 years ago

      Hi gameKris, you may want to check the latest update :D

  • Takennickname
    Takennickname / over 2 years ago

    last week already but still no

    • QuantumLex
      Developer QuantumLex / over 2 years ago

      Hi Takennickname, we've been working a lot on the gameplay and already have gameplay footage but it was only of areas that where too similar. We've just uploaded a video of gameplay on VIta and in the following hours will be uploading a gameplay preview (the same footage we'll be using for the gameplay trailer, but not the trailer itself).

  • griggs
    griggs / over 2 years ago

    I loved the trailer and the art work.Will this be single player campaign or multi?

    • QuantumLex
      Developer QuantumLex / over 2 years ago

      Hi griggs, its awesome that you loved them. The game will be single player.

  • Redlatios
    Redlatios / over 2 years ago

    Really looking forward to playing this guys! This game looks really good.

  • Glimon_91
    Glimon_91 / over 2 years ago

    Espero poder ver pronto las versiones finales del arte y gameplay. Suerte!

  • IBeCallum
    IBeCallum / over 2 years ago

    Out of all the pitches which launched in the first week, this is my favourite. I loved the teaser trailer you put together with that short cut-scene. Looking forward to seeing more with future updates. Definite 'Yes' from me. (This is great, I feel like the people from Dragon's Den.) xD

    • QuantumLex
      Developer QuantumLex / over 2 years ago

      Hey IBeCallum, it's awesome that you liked the project that much. We were trying to put up a gameplay video this week, but we definitely couldn't finish it. Neverthe less, we do are lunching it this Monday. This weekend one of the most important game jams is being held, and to "support it," we'll be working all weekend of finishing the gameplay trailer and the gameplay of the whole Doll Island section :D, so stay tuned for more updates

  • Lowdive
    Lowdive / over 2 years ago

    I back this project because of the setting of the game, and I can relate to the main character's profile. What I would love from the game is an immersive story.

    • QuantumLex
      Developer QuantumLex / over 2 years ago

      Hey Lowdive, it does have a lot of story going on, and the best part is that everything on the game is telling you something about it.

  • meisonxiii
    meisonxiii / over 2 years ago

    O jogo parasse ser promissor ele tipo de historia que terá é esses tipos de jogos que esta faltando hoje em dia no mercado.

    • QuantumLex
      Developer QuantumLex / over 2 years ago

      Graças Meisonxiii para o interesse, e um pedido de desculpas para a ortografia, eu não falam Português e eu estou usando um tradutor. Estes dias serão mais vídeos de jogabilidade, por isso não perca as atualizações que vem esta semana

  • florecita
    florecita / almost 3 years ago

    Vi su juego, y me parece muy entretenido, lo actual es realmente creativo, me encanto.

    • QuantumLex
      Developer QuantumLex / over 2 years ago

      Que padre que te haya gustado florecita, en esta semana estaremos poniendo algunos updates que muestren más sobre el gameplay mismo. :D

  • Lulita
    Lulita / almost 3 years ago

    Soy profesora de nivel básico y el juego es adecuado para los niños de primaria ya que se despierta la creatividad en ellos, en la primaria vemos cuentos de terror y de ciencia ficción que son temas muy atractivos para ellos, este juego lo tomaría como una estrategia didáctica.

    • QuantumLex
      Developer QuantumLex / over 2 years ago

      Hola Lulita, gracias por el interés. Una de los puntos principales que presenta este juego es el resolver acertijos para poder progresar, por lo que creo sí ayudaría mucho para fomentar la creatividad :D

  • noble80
    noble80 / almost 3 years ago

    This looks really interesting. What I liked the most was the artstyle and the protagonist like it's not following it which is... awesome! Really captures the out of place vibe. Reminds me of Coraline, which is a good thing. Keep up the great work!

    • QuantumLex
      Developer QuantumLex / almost 3 years ago

      While I'm not one of the artists, I do program the animation and, well, at around 40-50 sprites per animation, it looks stunning. Put that in the atmosphere and the awesome music and... well, very soon we'll be releasing some gameplay footage, so stay tunned :D

  • OSTVicPub
    OSTVicPub / almost 3 years ago

    Hey, this looks very nice! I like the concept of different portals leading to different dimensions. It almost has a Silent Hill Theme to it. The art is also really nice and dark. What I would like to see is some actual game play with eerie sound effects and gut wrenching visuals accompanied by the soundtrack(it's really good). Because of my interest, yes, I would back this. I'm only hoping that you'll have more to show as the collective continues!

    • QuantumLex
      Developer QuantumLex / almost 3 years ago

      Stay tunned, we are preparing a game play video, as well as a full trailer for REalM. We hope to be releasing them soon. Meanwhile, we'll try to keep putting up updates of whats happening in these days :D


Arbor Sheep

Arbor Sheep Arbor Sheep

A small indie art studio dedicated to making great art for great games.

Aurelio "The Audio" Cárdenas Aurelio "The Audio" Cárdenas

Lead Artist. The man behind the original concept of REalM.

José Ruperto Caballero José Ruperto Caballero

Level Designer. In charge of designing every nook and cranny in the world of REalM.

Francisco "Chaos X" de la Garza Francisco "Chaos X" de la Garza

Lead Composer. In charge of all the music and sounds you'll hear in REalM.

Authentic Illusions Authentic Illusions

In charge of all the programming and project management of REalM. A startup focused on Artificial Intelligence applied to videogames and currently under incubation at the Tecnológico de Monterrey startup Incubator. They are the ones in charge of making sure REalM happens.