Square Enix Collective launches today!

We’re really pleased to throw open the doors to Square Enix Collective! Since we announced our plans back in October last year, we’ve been busy working on finalising the details, building the platform and finding some really cool teams to work.

And I’m now very proud to be able to welcome Ruffian Games, Kitfox Games and Tuque Games as the three participants for the pilot phase – they’ll have the exclusive run of Collective starting today and continuing for the next 28 days as we check everything’s working properly, ahead of opening up submissions wide in a couple of months.

All three of the team’s game pitches are available for you to peruse – Game of Glens, Moon Hunters and World War Machine. If you see something you think you’d like to play – and could see yourself backing through crowdfunding – then make sure to vote. Further more, the devs will be watching the comments, so it’s your chance to offer feedback and help make something awesome.

At the end of the 28-day period, if there’s enough community support, the teams could be offered the chance to be supported through crowdfunding via a partnership between Square Enix and Indiegogo – and if the team hits their target, that’s when the game will go into development.

So check out the projects now, and see what you think!

Meanwhile, if you’ve got any questions or feedback on Collective itself, you can leave that in the comments section here - or email me directly.

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  • homerlvsbeer
    homerlvsbeer / over 2 years ago

    meaning war of machines.looks like a great idea.

  • homerlvsbeer
    homerlvsbeer / over 2 years ago

    iam very interested in this game.

  • Dirk733
    Dirk733 / almost 3 years ago

    How can I actively be a part of this?