How to Submit

Submissions to Collective open on the 20th of each month (or the next working day if that falls on a weekend or UK public holiday) and pitches submitted will be considered for the following month's slots. The number of slots available is equal to the number of Mondays in the following month; the last pitch in a calender year will be published in mid-November, as we're unable to effectively support campaigns over the Christmas period. Submissions will remain open for a minimum of 48 hours, and successful applicants will be notified within one week.

To submit a pitch, when the submission window is open, just click on the Submit tab in th top right corner of the site.

Please note that once a Feedback campaign concludes, there is no automatic process for ongoing support; if this is something you'd like to discuss, please let us know and we will approach it on a case-by-case basis. There are several factors we would take into account, including but not limited to the response of the Collective community.

Please bear in mind that our capacity to provide services for crowdfunding support or publishing are limited to just a handful or projects - but even if we are unable to provide official assistance moving forwards, we're always happy to help with further feedback or advice.

*Currently our crowdfunding support schedule is provisionally booked until October 2016*

What is Collective?

Collective is a curated platform that enables creators to post ideas, and gamers to judge whether those ideas should become reality or not. If an idea is supported by the community, we may offer to support the project through crowdfunding as well, via Indiegogo or Kickstarter. Essentially, we’re trying to help small teams build awareness of their ideas, and ultimately self-publish – while retaining IP and full creative control.

What's in it for developers?

Get your game ideas out there – showcase your project pitches to a dedicated, core gaming community and get feedback on your plans. Talk directly to the people who could be the ones to fund or buy your game, and start building momentum behind your game idea.

The Collective process is split into three parts; Feedback, Funding and Distribution – but it’s important to understand that you’ll always retain IP and complete creative control over your projects, and at each stage it’s up to you whether or not you want to work with us.

First of all is the Feedback phase – once your pitch is submitted and approved (please check the full terms and conditions), we’ll help promote your game concept to our community via our various publisher channels. This phase is free, and lasts for 28 days, with a maximum of one new project published to the platform each Monday.

During the campaign, gamers will be asked to vote on whether or not they would support your project through crowdfunding, and also encourage to leave feedback via the comments section. It’s important that you use this Feedback phase as a time to practice for the crowdfunding campaign, and use the pitch page to promote your game to the public as much as possible. Check out the [general guidelines for developers] going through the Feedback phase for some tips and suggestions.

Once the Feedback phase ends, if it's clear that the community supports your idea, we could offer to support you through your funding campaign on either Indiegogo or Kickstarter by continuing to use our channels and contacts and promote your project. This is subject to capacity - we are only able to support around 10-12 funding campaigns per year, so please don't assume this step is automatic.

Before the Funding campaign starts, we’ll conduct a Team Assessment with our experienced senior development staff to ensure that we’re confident you have the capability of creating the game you say you want to; and once you pass we’ll set a date.

If for any reason you don't make it through the Team Assessment, we'll give you feedback on why, or what you might need to add – so whatever happens you get something you can work with.

And then it’s into the Funding phase, when we’ll continue to help drive awareness of your campaign as a ‘Square Enix Approved’ project. At the end of the campaign, if you hit or exceed your initial funding target, we’ll ask for 5% of the net funds raised (ie, the amount you receive from Indiegogo or Kickstarter after fees are deducted). This isn’t because we’re trying to use crowdfunding to make money, but it does help us to cover our costs and keep the initial Feedback phase free for everybody. If you don’t hit your target, no fee is payable.

If you’re successful, we may also offer to help distribute your game, which involves getting your game onto PC digital platforms, helping with QA and managing the sales administration. This is in return for 10% of revenue, net of taxes and digital platform fees.

Later, once we’ve established the platform processes for original IP, you could have the chance to work with some of the older Eidos IP from our back-catalogue – initially Gex, Fear Effect and Anachronox. These will become available for pitches in due course.

Meanwhile, if you have any questions or feedback, let us know.

What's in it for the community?

This is your chance to shape games development and champion ideas that you'd like to become reality. The rise of crowdfunding platforms have pushed the concept of gamer choice to a new level, and Collective allows you to use your voice – but with the reassurance that before a project goes through to the funding stage, it'll be checked and helped by our team to confirm that the scope of the pitch is in line with the team's ability and ambition to create, as well as utilising our experience of game production to ensure realistic budgeting plans.

When a pitch goes live, you'll have 28 days to decide if you think it'll make a good game, and get involved in the feedback process. Then, if that idea receives enough support, we'll check it out – and if the team is good to go, we'll help the team through crowdfunding on either Indiegogo or Kickstarter by constantly building awareness of the campaign.

The concept for the way that Collective works has been shaped by feedback from the development community since May 2013, but we need constant feedback to make sure that we have the best process possible – so send questions and opinions to us direct.

Projects successful via crowdfunding:

Moon Hunters (Kitfox Games, Canada): raised CAD 178,986 from a CAD 45,000 target

Black The Fall (Sand Sailor Studio, Romania): raised GBP 28,485 from a GBP 25,000 target

Goetia (Sushee, France): raised USD 34,188 from a USD 30,000 target

Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander (Massive Damage Inc, Canada): raised CAD 187,706 from a CAD 40,000 target

Tokyo Dark (Cherrymochi, Japan): raised CAD 225,386 from a CAD 40,000 target

XO (Jumpdrive, USA): raised USD 55,314 from a USD 40,000 target

Pankapu: the Dreamkeeper (Too Kind Studio, France): raised EUR 53,120 from a EUR 40,000 target

Children of Zodiarcs (Cardboard Utopia, Canada): raised CAD 259,593 of a CAD 50,000 target

Fear Effect Sedna (Sushee, France): raised EUR 107,285 from a EUR 100,000 target

Moonlighter (Digital Sun Games, Spain): currently live

Square Enix properties currently available for submissions:

Nothing is currently available; please check back again in the future.